Bulk T-Shirts for Events: How to Order and Customize for Your Occasion

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Order and Customize for Your Occasion
November 02, 2023

So, your company has given you the responsibility of arranging bulk T-shirts for the next event? Or you are searching for a good-quality gift for the forthcoming Marathon event or charity event?

If yes, then you will have to contact one of the top t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur.  It is important to grab an expert because you want T-shirts of the best quality.

Before you order and customize T-shirts, it is essential to get the timeline. You need to know the date of the event when it is happening. The best thing is to tell the t shirts manufacturer in tamil nadu that you need it at least one week prior to the desired date.

Thus, you will have some room before the event. You can distribute the T-shirts on the day of the event. Based on the plan, you need to decide the best date when you require the shirts ready and get them delivered by the T-shirt supplier.

According to experts, you need to start looking for them in advance. You should know the production and delivery timelines beforehand.

Also, when you hire a designer for the event, you need to ensure that you know their capacity and delivery time.

Steps needed to know when you need bulk T-shirt

When do you need T-shirt?

When you know the required dates of the T-shirt, you need to give an idea of it to the supplier.

The final order details, i.e., the count of T-shirts, designs, and sizes should be communicated to him.

Size of the order

You will have to tell the size of the order clearly to t shirt manufacturers in Tirupur.  The supplier should know what they are required to get ready for. Thus, he can arrange the necessary infrastructure.

Style and color

You have many styles and colors of T-shirts. You have to select the right one. Also, you should have details like Male, Female, or Unisex T-shirts.

All specifications about fabric, neck styles, and fit should also be conveyed. The sooner you provide information, the better it will be.

Delivery schedule

You need to ensure that you communicate how the T-shirts will be delivered. Thus, there will be no confusion.

Bulk order discount

Since you will need T-shirts in bulk quantity, you can ask for a bulk order discount. Ask about it and make the best deal. There is no harm in contacting the supplier manager about various deals.

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