What Every Buyer Should Know: Tirupur T-Shirt Manufacturing Process

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What Every Buyer Should Know: Tirupur T-Shirt Manufacturing Process
January 08, 2024

T shirts manufacturers in Tirupur are well-known for their systematic and step-by-step process beginning from designing T-shirts to procuring fabrics and manufacturing to selling products to retailers.

As per the process, the design part gets over at the buyer’s end and manufacturers get orders of a style chosen by customers.

Order processing involves a systematic process flow.

The steps performed by a t shirt Manufacturer in Chennai are as follows.

Sourcing Fabrics and trims according to the need

It is important to note that the trims and fabrics are to be checked as per quality standards and requirement specifications. If required, then the sample of fabric should be sent to the testing lab to confirm the qualities. Fabric shrinkage is an essential parameter to check.

Developing patterns for the style

For various sizes, pattern grading is mandatory. The next step is to make a sample marker with actual garment patterns and get the average consumption of fabrics.

Making sample garments

Two or three sample garments are made by following each step of the process that will be followed in bulk production. All sample garments should be checked after finishing. If there are any corrections required, then they should be done.

If there are mistakes in the pattern or shrinkage issues are found, then the process needs to be halted immediately.

After reviewing the process and finding out the fundamental cause of it, sample garments are made again. A seasoned T shirts manufacturers in Tirupur give utmost attention to quality.

Bulk process

The bulk process is to manufacture multiple pieces of T-shirts in one go. Right from cutting fabric to stitching and finishing, methods are used for making many products simultaneously.

The sequence of the operation is defined by a t shirt Manufacturer in Chennai based on its operating procedure.

Quality checking of stitching

During sewing and at the end of sewing, stitching quality should be checked. The correction of defective garments found in the line is done at an appropriate stage. Repair work (alteration and part changing job) can be done separately or by the same tailors.


Stitched garments are sent to the finishing section. Trimming of uncut threads is done.

Folding and pressing garments and Quality Check

Folding garments, and attaching hang tags and price tags to garments are done at this stage. Packing garments into poly bags is done according to customer requirements.

QC team checks finished and packed garments randomly for quality assurance.

Storing and shipping Stored packed garments for shipping are dispatched to buyers.

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