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t shirt Manufacturers in Bangalore
September 15, 2023

Leading t shirt Manufacturers in Bangalore 

Searching for the best t shirts manufacturers in Bangalore? We at Sunstar Apparels understand that comfort, design, quality, and look are the most crucial aspects of making premium t-shirts. We have been serving our clients since 2005 and have a strong global customers-base. 

Our dedicated in-house teams, combined with the best technology and machinery in the t shirt factory in Bangalore, help us achieve our goals. We aim to build a reputed brand name in t-shirt manufacturing in the country and abroad.

Best Bulk T Shirt Manufacturers in Bangalore

We are one of the leading t shirts manufacturers in Tirupur and are now steadily expanding in other cities to cater to the increasing demand. 

Our processes are perfectly streamlined, allowing us to meet all order requirements within given deadlines, making us one of the largest wholesale t shirt manufacturers in Bangalore. The order size, whether small or big, is not a concern for us since we aspire that our products should have maximum reach.

Offering Variety of Customized t shirt in Bangalore

As we have grown, we have understood that every customer has different requirements. Hence, we need to diversify our offering to stand out amongst other companies offering wholesale t shirts in Bangalore. Thus, we introduced products like cotton-polyblend pique collar t-shirts, micro-polyester t-shirts, honeycomb all-season polo t-shirts, and more. Thus, you can sit back and relax after placing the order once.

As t shirts manufacturers in Hyderabad, our teams are experts with years of experience in the t-shirt manufacturing industry. Also, we use best-in-class machines like Siruba, Brother, Juki, and more. Apart from ready stock, we also offer customization services like logo designing, printing, and original design manufacturing, making us one of the most preferred corporate t shirt manufacturers in Bangalore.

Manufacturing T-Shirts of Latest Styles and Materials

We do not stop here; we are constantly innovating to introduce products and quality as per the changing trends. Thus, with Sunstar Apparels, you will get the latest styles and materials for durable, stylish, and comfortable outfits each time you order. 

As reputed t shirts manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and other cities, we believe in contributing our best to improving the environment. This is why we have a sustainable approach in our set-ups wherever possible. This scenario means we focus on minimizing the use of natural resources and incorporating eco-friendly materials.

We take pride in stating that apart from being the best t shirts manufacturers in Chennai, our facilities have minimum impact on the environment around us.

Selling of Wholesale t shirt Online in Bangalore and Other Cities

Our team will be in touch with you to understand your requirements whether the order is offline or online. We have even ventured as t shirts manufacturers in Mumbai, so you can place an order quickly and be assured of the best stuff getting delivered to you.

During the manufacturing process of your order, our support team will take approvals at each step and keep you updated so that there are no loopholes and the final product comes out beautifully. 

Contact Us Now!

If you want customized or corporate t-shirts, Sunstar Apparel is your one-stop shopping destination. You can choose from our ready-to-ship stock or go for customization according to your requirements. We are determined to excel and deliver the best clothing products. Connect with us now at 9428118631 or visit

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